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Winner of GoKinema's script contest 2015 with the script "The Kill".
The script was filmed in two version.
One was directed by Ninja Thyberg with Dewald Aukema as DoP. Watch it here..
The other directed Cecilia Torquato with Dick Pope as DoP. Watch it here.

Winner of Just Effing Entertain Me's one page script competition December 2012 with the "inventive and evocative" "Cranberry Beauty". You should use the words "cranberry", "angel" and"avalanche" in a clever and creative way, and the script must not surpass one page.

3rd place winner in The Writers Place short script contest May to October 2011 with "Escape Room Game".

Semi-Finalists in's annual contest 2011, with the feature script "Sunlight".

Semi-Finalists in The Give Me Credit International Screenwriting Competition 2011, Super Short.

Kapten Vivia
(Captain Vivia)
Writing assignment, story in cooperation with Simon Jansson
Producer: Sx2 Productions
Short script, 8 pages
Premier 2015

 Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold (game)
Rewriting in-game dialog, 2013
Producer: SDP Games
Watch trailer here
See a game review with a little of the dialog I have written here

Monologues for My Sweetest Punch
Writing assignment, 2013
Pre Show

When the Music Stops
Writing assignment, own story
Producer: Andecillo Film
Short script, 9 pages
Post Production
Blog entries

Walking the Graveyard behind the scenes

Walking the graveyard
Own story
Producer: Robert A Vollrath and Jerry J White III
Director: Jerry J White III
Short script, 5 pages
Produced 2011
Blog entries

"Thanks for the opportunity of Directing your script. [...] Your script really caught my attention and I am glad I was able to bring it to life. Thanks."
Jerry J White III, director of Walking the Graveyard

A vital meeting, Poster

Ett livsviktigt möte
(A Vital Meeting)
Writing assignment, story by Simon Jansson
Producer: Sx2 Productions, Åland
Short script, 4 pages
Produced 2010
Watch it here

The film won the short film contest at UngVERAfilm on Åland 2010
Nominated to Nordic Youth Film Festival 2010
Nominated to Ung Film in Bergen, Norway, 2-5 September 2010

Writing assignment
Producer: MGMM Production
Director: Jessica Liander
Short script, 15 pages
Pre Production

The table next to the window, still photo

Bordet närmast fönstret
(The table next to the window)
Collaboration with Håkan Eklund
Producer: MGMM Production
Director: Jessica Liander
Short script, 3 pages
Watch it here

Contest finalist
Short scene competition 2010, arranged by Julie Gray on her blog Just Effing Entertain Me!
Read it here

Fåglarna tittar på oss, behind the scenes

Fåglarna tittar på oss
(The birds are looking at us)
Writing assignment
Producer: Sx2 Productions, Åland.
Short script, 43 pages.
Produced 2010
Blog entries

Judge at contests
ISFO's international short script screenwriting competition 2011.
NSFA's short script screenwriting competition 2010.

Paralyzed in Paradise
Writing assignment. Collaboration with Robert A Vollrath.
Short script, 12 pages
Blog entries

Writing assignment
Producer: Rozalya Dimitrova
Short script, 1 page

Mordet på Anne
(The murder of Anne)
Writing assignment.
Commissioner: Pär Bjelvehammar.
Adaption of the book "Mord i Malmö".
Feature script

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Other stuff

The graphic novel the Recreators.

Trailer to the grahic novel:

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