Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

She walked in the mountains, as she had done for many years, seeking peace in her mind, getting away from the rush of the city. She had walked the path several times and the incoming fog was no problem. So it was with somewhat surprise she found that she had left the trail and was on unknown grounds when the fog dissolved.

As an experienced tracker, she quickly localized where she was with the help of landmarks and there was no stress about that. But she had not come far on her way back to the route when she saw a man-made bridge in the middle of a deep cleft. It was not a structure to cross from one rim to the other, but a passage ten or twenty meters down, with an opening on each side into the mere mountain.

She stared amazed at this vivid construction and the holes into the unknown on each side. There were no other traces of settlements. Nothing on the map spoke of human activity. But there it was right in the middle of the cleft, squeezed in between the mountain sides.

When she stood there, agape, someone walked out on the bridge. Someone rather small in size, but what really stood out was the paleness. The person leaned against the railing, apparently not aware of being watched. She just had to find out, and called down to the pale one. She got a face of pure terror in return, and the human ran away, returning inside the mountain.

Perplexed she continued her walk, as there were little else to do.

Days later she got to a village and spoke about the bridge she had seen at the inn. Most of the locals smiled gently at her and either explained her experience of being tired or seeing a natural phenomena. A few though got excited and pressed her on details on where to find the bridge. When she in return wanted to know what the bridge was a part of, they all left, unwilling to tell her.

A young girl came up to her and demanded her to leave. Surprised by the child's firmness she claimed the had done nothing to offend. The girl leaned her head to her side.
"What about the moonpeople, then?" she asked. "If they wanted contact, would they have run away from you?"