Friday, February 8, 2013

Rory's Story Cubes - Once upon a time...

(I was told my previous story cube exercise was as it had been done in haste because I had to write something. True or not, I take that as a challenge to write something else on the same images.)

Once upon a time there was an old man afraid of monsters in the closet. It didn't matter how much his daughter told him that there were no such things as monsters, he was frightened never the less. He locked the closet door properly and blocked it with a chair, but then he just felt them watching him through the keyhole.  He closed his eyes and tried to count sheep to fall asleep, but his dreams were always nightmares. And so he became unhappy and sick.

His son, who lived abroad, got a call from his sister, asking him to come, because she thought the ending for their father was near. When the son arrived, he saw the blocked closet and asked his father about it. When he found out about the monsters he said:
"I can make them go away. Do you want to make a try?" The old man nodded, excited. The son brought out his cellphone and buttoned on it until he found the sound he was looking for. Then he raised it as a wand and to a woshing sound he expelled all the monsters from the closet.

The old man smiled, pleased.
"That's my boy" he said. "Could you do the same with the goblins under my bed?"