Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update: When the Music Stops

I would like to share with you some screenshots from the raw material to “When the Music Stops”, a short film I’ve written the script to that is now in post-production. The script was written on request by Andreas Graf in Switzerland and was shot in the lovely city of Bern.

Anderas Graf succeeded well in the casting. The main character Hubert is played by Niklas Leifert (webpage).

His girlfriend Cordula is played by Lotti Happle.

The lady in red beside Hubert is Waltraud and is portraited by Charlotte Heinimann (webpage).

I’ve seen a little of what they have done before and I must say I’m absolutely thrilled to see this short when it’s ready.

“When the Music Stops” is about a young conductor with an exceptional ear for music, who gets the job of his dreams as conductor of one of the most prominent orchestras in the country. However, he soon realizes that the music he hears in his head is the music he wants to hear, not what is actually played – a devastating blow for a conductor. He gets some medication to help him find his way back to reality, only to come to the insight that all music are suddenly dead to him. Neither way he can’t work with what he loves the most.

Andreas Graf gave me fairly free hands with the script. As he plays in Bern Symphony Orchestra it felt natural that it would be about music. He taught me a lot about playing in an orchestra. Not in use in the script perhaps, but tremendously interesting.

One challenge was to find proper names for the characters. Set in the German speaking part of Switzerland I could not use English names. I always want the names to say something about the character and even if I found the names that felt right, I had not a clue if they were commonly used or if they were strange, odd names. I wanted them checked before I sent the script to Andreas Graf and found a colleague with a wife from Germany who was kind enough to give me feedback.

All photos belong to Andreas Graf.
Used with permission.