Saturday, January 26, 2013

To evolve

Over the years of human history there have been many great thinkers, many of them leaving a legacy of ideals and rules of lives in different ways.

Two of them were Jesus and Muhammad, both of them with revolutionary ideas, transforming society. What would they think if they saw the result today?

Jesus thought that Dooms Day was imminent. What would he say if he saw that people two thousand years later followed guidelines fit for imminent judgment by God? Muhammad gave women rights they had only dreamt about before. What would he say if he saw that the rights he gave them is now a limitation instead?

What would George Washington say if he saw the constitution of the United States used as an excuse for teachers to carry guns to protect the pupils from madmen?

My point is: wise men with fabulous, revolutionary ideas for a better society, set rules fit for their time, but though we still cherish their time on Earth we miss the point of their legacy. The point, I think, was not to hang on to the rules of the past. Their legacies are to dare to try something new, to evolve.