Saturday, January 5, 2013

The magic of 1989

1989 I experienced something that would influence the rest of my life. Backa Teater (Backa Theater) had its premier of A Midsummer Night's Dream on their new stage Bulten (the Bolt). I knew one of the actors and got a ticket to the press’ pre-premier and then I spent a week on a school holiday there helping the prop-master, seeing every show.

Bulten was an old bolt factory. 3017 square meters of stage opportunities. They made a magical forest with concrete pillars and light. Later they set up The Hunchback of Notre Dame where they moved the audience around to different sets.

In the middle of it all was Anders Ekborg: young, talented and seductive. He hung from one of the pillars as Puck singing like a dangerous, wild animal with a voice that had every good future possible. He also played Frollo in a way that made the blood curdle and lava freeze.

I met a lot of magic in that place.

Today Backa Teater has moved on. Now the area is filled with an indoor playground. Anders Ekborg left long before that.

I walked up the stairs that used to be their stage entrance, now painted with jungle motifs. I found the place where Pierre Gringoire had stood opening the doors to 1482’s streets of Paris. One of the pillars must have been the one Puck clung to. . .

The magic was gone.

At least that magic. Maybe there is another type of magic there now, with kids clinging and climbing.

It’s not without grief I realize that some things will only live on in my memory, impossible to experience again. 1989 was indeed the year where I made up my mind about what to do in the future. I couldn't put word to it, but I knew. I wanted to work with magic.

Photo belongs to Göteborgs Stadsteater.
Anders Ekborg to the left.
From A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1989