Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

It wished sincerely that its owner would be a little more considerate and not place her bike in a way making people stumble over it. But it was just a bike. And obviously it wasn't much to care for. But its owner didn't seem to care for much more than the guy living somewhere on the other side of the gate it was always parked outside every Thursday and Friday. It didn't mind rain or even snow, but it didn't like to be stumbled and cursed upon. One day a man had even lifted it in an effort to throw it aside. It had been terrified. But its owner always locked it safely to a drainpipe, so the man could do little more than dump it on the ground as far from the gate as possible. There had been a scratch in its bright red color! And its owner had cursed a foul length of words when she saw it, but the next time it was parked in the same way.

It tried to wag its wheel a little. It worked! Maybe it could move out of the way itself. It had no option to change its owner. But maybe, just maybe, it could change itself.

Photo by Ronny Ilvemo