Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

The sea was blue. Above him was the ocean surface. Below him the darkness swallowed the blue and exposed a bottomless abyss. Everything between was blue. Endless blue. Beautiful as it may be, it gave him the creeps. He didn't like to float around as something weightless with this big rubber thing in his mouth. "Didn't like" was an understatement. As time went by in the blue he began to hate it. How on Earth was he persuaded to join this? What was wrong with aquariums? Whales? Hah! This was a big endless blue, nothing more. With an engulfing blackness below.

Then out of nowhere a humpback whale swam by.

It came out of the blue, and disappeared into the blue again.

Left was an incredible sensation in his fingertips which had by accident touched the whale as it passed him.

Photo by Lt. (j.g.) Tony Perry III, NOAA Corps
Image belongs to the public domain