Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Making a Good Writer Great

Linda Seger is also the author of "Making a Good Script Great" and "Creating Unforgettable Characters". In my opinion "Making a Good Writer Great" is the best of them. This simply because it addresses the main issue.

"Making a Good Script Great" and "Creating Unforgettable Characters" are good and they contain basic knowledge needed to write a script. But if I manage to write a great script, I want to repeat that success and in that case I have to work with myself as a writer. This is the issue this book addresses.

If you want to become a better writer you have to work, and that means write, often and a lot.

"Making a Good Writer Great" contains several different exercises. No, this is not a book you just read and you are a great writer, this is an exercise book as the subtitle "A creativity workbook" says. Linda Seger wants you to find your “when to write" moment; that time of day or the situations where you work the best. There are also chapters about pushing your mind to new creative levels, how to explore themes and ideas and even explore your dreams at night.

"Making a Good Writer Great" can probably help every writer at most levels to reach a little higher.

First version of this entry published Aug 26st 2008