Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Creating Unforgettable Characters

Linda Seger’s book Creating Unforgettable Characters was published 1990 but is still valid. How can it be anything else?

Creating Unforgettable Characters contains the basic knowledge about the art to create characters for a movie script. This is the book for the beginner that has not yet learned all the basic skills of screenwriting. Creating Unforgettable Characters gives you a lot of valuable information that will come in handy when you work on your script.

As a matter of fact, I would say that it is useful when writing most types of stories; not only movie scripts.

It starts with a chapter about research and continues through back story, psychology, relationships and dialog to end at a chapter that will help you to go beyond stereotyping. All this is vital stuff.

Creating Unforgettable Characters is not a bible that will give you all the answers and characters served on a plate. It will, hopefully, give you the insight and knowledge you need when you use your own talent and head and write.

Linda Seger's book is easy to read. She knows how to handle her language and the text.

First version of this entry published Aug 21st 2008