Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

She had always heard that she should follow her dreams.

And she had.

But somehow no one saw what she saw in the old factory building. She saw her palace in disguise. Others saw nothing but a waste of money and transaction of a lunatic.

But this was her dream!

She wanted to clean the floors from all the debris and dust, mend the holes and move in. Yes, there would be work she would have to pay for, yes, she admitted that, but most things she could do herself. She wasn’t of the kind that gave up. She could take hard work.

And if she was out of running water for a while, she could live with that.


At least if it wasn’t in the middle of the winter, but then she could melt snow, she reminded herself.

If she had electricity that is.

That was one thing she could not fix herself. She wondered what it may cost to bring electricity back. It could not be that much, could it? There were wires there already, just to switch the power on, right?

She swept the floor with her broom. It was a beautiful wooden floor. A floor with a history. She just loved this place.

There were no radiators she noted.

She guessed the big old ovens had given them all the heat they needed. Did she dare to use them? She opened one of the hatches and screamed as a big rat jumped out and fled away. Guess she needed someone to check these things properly so she didn’t burn the place down by mistake.

And someone to get rid of the rats.

But then it would be her palace.

Photo by Ronny Ilvemo