Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

Yes, yes, ride a bike was good for the environment and good for health, but honestly... [She looked at her bike deep down in the snow.] Whoever constructed the bike had dry roads in mind. [Her eyes wandered over the snow that had fallen during the night.] It is easily knee deep. Why do we always claim that there is something called normal? Why is “normal” a dry road in the summer, when this is true maybe as little as half of the days of the year? There is always snow at least two months a year, maybe four. Why was it so impossible to accept this weather?

[She began to walk to work, leaving the bike to its fate in the snow for the moment.]

It snows a lot during a night, but we are still expected to get to work and we are supposed to demand dry, plowed roads to get there. [She forced herself though the snow towards a road that was actually plowed.] Snow is natural, and yet a problem. It’s become something for a postcard. Insane.

We should all walk on foot a day like this. [She slid on the icy road.] Definitely not by car at least. Why do we have such hurry to get to places? Isn't the journey to get there just as important as being there? How many interesting thoughts will I not think this morning that I wouldn't have been thinking while going by bike? Or by car for that matter? We are not meant to sit with full focus like that. It is probably not good for the brain.

Photo by Ronny Ilvemo