Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday exercise: Improvise a story to a photo

She walked along the road watching the trees in full bloom. All that was missing was a horse and she would feel exactly like the Lionheart brothers who died in the Astrid Lindgren novel. For a moment she wondered if she actually was dead, but why would there be blooming cherry trees in Heaven? Maybe she was Red Riding hood? Oh, what a ridiculous idea, she thought. She had no basket and no granny. Just go and buy the milk as dad asked you to, she reminded herself. Don’t go and day dream, she heard her parents’ voices. But what’s the fun with going to buy milk? She remembered the Moomin story mommy read to her where Moomin had walked home after buying milk and ended up in all kinds of dangerous adventures. This was no spooky forest though. She stopped and leaned her head to the side, thinking. The Valley of the Cherries had been in Heaven, and being dead would be rather scary. And she was going to buy milk. Maybe she was dead and tried to find her way back to life. She smiled. Yes, that was it. She was on her search to find a way back to life. What an adventure that would be!

She started running, because she needed to get to the end of the road before the gate closed. Then she would be locked up here for ever and ever and ever. She saw the end of the road. She saw the gates. And they were closing! She ran faster. Golden smoke whirled around her feet. With the help of a fluffy little cloud she made it through the gate in the last second it was open.

She stopped to catch her breath. What was next? Oh, yes, the golden key. She could not be able to get back to life without the golden key. She went into the store where the great labyrinth with the incredible, nasty monster with five heads was waiting for her.

The cashier watched with great interest how the little girl tip-toed around in the aisles of shelves, carefully peeking around every corner. And she had never seen anyone lift a package of milk with such awe as that child. When it was time to pay though, the girl felt in her pockets and found the money missing. The cashier watched an unrealistic sadness swell up in the child’s eyes. Gently she took the milk and with a ceremonial gesture she lowered it down to the girl. “Here you go. Run along on your adventure.”

Photo by Ronny Ilvemo