Friday, November 16, 2012

The social life of two cats

Once upon a time there was a woman whose only family was her two cats.

One day she felt sorry for her cats. They lived so much indoors and never got a chance to meet others. So one Sunday afternoon she took them to a park and let them loose so they could go and play with other animals.

They disappeared among the trees and when she called for them in the evening they didn't come. She thought they wanted to play a little longer and went home.

Next morning at work she told everybody about her noble-minded and unselfish act and by lunch she went back to the park and called again for her cats. Her colleagues had whispered among themselves that she would never see those cats again, and they were all surprised when she returned with her cats.

They had both come running to her when she had called for them. Of course they did, she said, now when they were done playing with the other animals.

First published September 25, 2008