Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Exploring Visual Storytelling

This book by Brian Arnold and Brendan Eddy is a beginner's guide to making an animation.

Unfortunately when I found it it was tagged as a screenwriting book. With that name I thought it would be about the visual aspects in your writing. It is not.

I had to reread it with the knowledge that it was an animation book to get some form of valid view of it.

The book starts at the very basics and takes you through how to plan and organize your project, create characters, conflicts and plots; all with the visual aspects in mind. It has plenty of images with two simple characters which follow us throughout the book.

It also works with camera techniques and how to compose an image, how to do transitions from one scene to another and how to show things like time.

The DVD was indeed valuable. There was an animation for each chapter, explaining the book's content with voice and visually. Though the animation was simple it was not a work of haste to be able to include a DVD with he book. Here you see what is explained in the text taken into action. Considering it is a book about visual storytelling this is a tremendously nice touch, and also making the point.

What this book does not include is how you technically do your animation. There is nothing about suitable tools for this. It is all about what we see in the image, not how you make what we see.

If you want to work with animation, or are a beginner, you will find your new best friend in Exploring Visual Storytelling. If you have been doing animation for a while and feel that your work doesn't lift off the ground, I think you'll find a vast interest in this book as well.