Saturday, November 3, 2012

Graphic Novels: The Wormworld Saga

When I started to do my own graphic novel I began to search for what others had done. I was familiar with Maus since before, but little else. Graphic novels has yet to reach the majority of Swedes.

Since my graphic novel is to be published online I searched for what I could found in this media. What had others done on the Internet?

This first thing I stumbled upon was The Wormworld Saga.

Here is the format of a computer screen used in a very interesting and efficient way. Each chapter is like one long image. It was love at first sight.

Not only did I like the format I'm also a fan of that type of art. I'm not much for manga-style. I prefer the fine-art approach, like this one.

Personally I would have preferred to not have the "voice-over". It takes some of the tense out of the images. I want to see for myself, not be told what I see.

There are four chapters to read out there, waiting for you. I hope they won't be the last.