Saturday, November 10, 2012

Graphic Novels: The Prisoner

In my search for other online graphic novel projects I found The Prisoner.

It is a rather strange but interesting mix of comic book and movie. The images contain what a frame in comic book usually does, but there are parts that move. The result is fairly impressive, but a little overworked in my opinion. At some point it becomes too many static objects moving no matter need or not. It is nice to see the fan rotate and the glass pieces fly, but the effects are all over the place. I think it could have been used with more care.

The style is rather dark with a lot of ink, but it serves the purpose of the story so the fashion of the art I think is completely right.

Though the movie-like appearance I found the frames jumpy. I had a hard time to get what was going on. I know I'm not in favor of reading much when it comes to comics; I want the images to speak for themselves. Though I don't deliberately skip texts, I know I easily let the eyes wander to the next frame instead of stop and read. So this might be what happened here. Or it was simply not my type of story.

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