Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The young, the wise and the thug - three characters all alike

Since my feature scripts have tended to be a little short, I calculated with hundred pages in the progress bar to the left. As I’m now over half-way, I realize his script will probably become a little over a hundred and ten pages. So I have adjusted the calculation of the bar to match this. That is why the progress went backwards a little.

I have considerable flow in my writing, and it feels terrific.

However, when I read what I have written, I find three characters too much alike. There are four male characters in the story, and three of them sound and behave just about the same.

One of them is an older teenager too wise for his age, as it is now. The main character is also a teenager, but she has spent the last three hundred years in another place, so she should have the wisdom of old age. This other youth should have more of the monochrome view of life that is common for young people. He ought to be more naive, and since he is the crown prince he should be eager to show himself worthy and grown-up.

The other male character is the King, who should of course have a lot of experience, but also the laziness of an older man used to a comfortable life controlled by his wish. He should have more of slyness than now; I want him to be a less comfortable person to be around.

The third character should be more of a thug than an honest, reliable man. He is the villain’s right hand. It ought to show. You don’t behave as a gentleman when your master is ruthless. Then you should’ve picked another employer.

On the whole, I think I should be less afraid of creating unlikable characters.

First I’ll finish the first version of the script. Then I’ll go back and do something about these characters.