Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two for a swan

I’ve been thinking about taking on a new brain developing task. No, I’m not talking in terms of any mind blowing, ingenious things; just something to keep the brain from getting too superannuated.

I’m lousy at remembering numbers. And the older I become, the more my brain settles for the fact that it can’t under any circumstances remember anything including figures. Frustrating indeed.

Now I think I’ve found a way to prove it wrong.

I have a fair memory for images. It is not photographic, but yet decent.

I will find one image per number zero to nine that I can associate with each form of the figure. One specific image per number. All as different in color and style as I can get.

Then I’ll use my memory for moving images and stories and create a movie with those images forming the number I need to remember.

I have tried different memory techniques before but given up too soon. This time I’ll take it on as a serious task that will take its time to get a hold of properly.