Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plot Control - as my brain works?

I got an offer to buy “Plot Control” through InkTip.

I looked at the commercial video and I admit I was tempted. The only problem was that there was no demo to download. Even if there was a guarantee I would get my money back within 60 days if I wasn’t satisfied, I still want a free demo to test. The demo could have had the save function eliminated and you would have a functional demo that no one could work with for real, but do all the testing needed.

Why do I want a demo instead of simply returning the product? There are two reasons for this. One is that a buy demands that I test right away and have to remember to make a decision within the limited time; otherwise I have to keep the product. The other reason is that I figure that the company rely on this forgetfulness; a sort of use I contemn.

So, even if Plot Control seemed like an interesting program, I will not test it on those terms.

No, I don’t trust that it will be what I want. If I thought that there would be a fair chance that it would fulfil all it said to do in the commercial, I would probably buy and try it, even if I don’t like the demo-free idea. You see, when someone claims that a software works just as my brain does, it is just as waving a red cloth in front of a bull. I’ve so far only seen software that are structured and organised. The note board software and Internet services I have tried have had demands on organising my notes. My brain is not interested in an organised pattern of things.

When I – as I am now – working on the first sketches of a feature, I write an rtf-document. What I really want, but have not found, is a program that let me write in the same way – with flow – but spitting out notes pinning them to a virtual board – and keeping them in a fairly unorganised manner. At least they should be a little tilted and partly cover each other.

Then I want to be able to take a note and pin it to a skeleton of a structure instead. And then in turn pin it to the script. It is much easier to follow the thoughts and remember whats and whys if you can link back. Maybe things get invalid in time, but that is beside the point. I don’t want to check three or four different documents to find an answer to what I was thinking when I planned things in a certain way.

And they claim that Plot Control works as my brain does. I think not. I’ll be the first to cheer if they can prove me wrong.