Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunlight is ready to meet the world

First inking exercise by Désirée Nordlund

The general update is as follows:

I've sent a short script to Rozalya Dimitrova. She said she liked the first version, but she wanted a more powerful ending. Hopefully the version I've sent her is what she wants.

I've finally proofread Sunlight all the way through. And rewrote it some too along the way. It is finally ready to meet the world. I know I should have worked with the logline a long time ago, but I have to get started now instead.

Now I'll return to To Be. It will be great to return to the script with fresh eyes.

I'm also kind of interested in reworking my halted "ERG" script. A script that I froze because the focus was wrong. The villain was far more interesting than the main character. And the main character didn't change the course of the story as a main character should. I think the story has potential though.

I've flipped the title of Kim back and forth again. I don't like the title, but I have no great ideas. "Kim" is too lame, and everything else I've came up with have been too pompous or too overly dramatic. I've also - as interest was shown by a director - written a version of Kim with budget in mind. I have however not received any response on it yet.

I wonder if The Beautymaker will ever meet the world. The few people who have read it has returned with bad reviews. And this counts for both the first version and the major rewritten second version. If this script will ever be produced its journey is worth a script of its own.

Image by Désirée Nordlund