Thursday, May 28, 2015

System shut down

This will be my place on the web from this day: Désirée Nordlund - Writer - Screenwriter

I'll focus my writing time to write things I can publish for money. My dream to write full time, will continue to be a dream if I don't focus on those things that result in an income. Hard, harsh facts.

Thank you for following me and for your support. I hope it will remain.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toil Thursday: Rory's Story Cubes

Once upon a time there was a girl living in an ordinary house and lived an ordinary life. She liked to read and borrowed a lot of books from the library. It wasn't any library; It was the library with a capital L. L for library and L for large, long and lasting. It was the girl's favorite place in the world.

As it happened, the girl got ill. It started with coughing and fever and then she became so weak that the couldn't walk without a stick. This was not the kind of girl that longed for climbing trees, all she missed was her books. Her parents borrowed books for her now, and though they were kind and thoughtful, they somehow rarely seemed to pick books she liked.

So she started to write her own. And drawing images too as well. Yes, she lived as she was locked up in a tower, but when she draw and wrote and built her stories it was like she found a keyhole to another world.

Image from Rory's Story Cube App

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Everyone goes through phases in their lives. Some painful, some destructive, and some fortunate.

This past month has been painful.

Projects has been put on ice or seeking funds. That I can live with. I have always something to write, even if it is pleasant to write when there is an assigned director. This was just the cherry on top of a for other reasons shitty month.

I thought that GoKinema was a great experience, but in the end... They set up a screenwriter's contest to get a free script without consider legal use and forgetting that there was a writer coming with the package. I thought they were pros and it turned out to be a playground. And the result of this unprofessional behavior has, if not drained me of energy, moved the focus of the energy to less productive places.

Now I have decided to put all this sorry mess behind me and move on. It will take me some time let go. As it is now I can't even say "writer's credit" without getting foul thoughts and a bitter taste in my mouth. This will not be so forever. I've found a lot of support from friends and also other INTJ women who have a hard time to let go. There will be some more spitting and biting I suppose, but I am dedicated to not let them drown me and let all this be an unfortunate parenthesis in my life.

So, hopefully, things on this blog will soon continue as usual.

Image from Pintrest
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Screenwriting Challenge 2015 by NYC Midnight, LLC

Tomorrow at 11:30 PM (EDT) starts this year's Screenwriting Challenge arranged by NYC Midnight.

In the first round the contestants will get 8 days to write an original short screenplay no longer than 12 pages. The top five from every heat goes on to the second round which will give 3 days to write an 8 page screenplay. The top 25 from this round goes to the third and final round where they have 24 hours to write a 5 page script. The page numbers are maximum numbers. I suppose one page scripts are completely okay all the way through if they are good enough.

Every round the writers get a genre, subject, and character assignment like Drama / Fatherhood / A fast food restaurant employee (example from their homepage), so there is no way to prepare anything.

They also state that every writer gets feedback from the judges.

They are open for registration very close to the first assignment are sent out.

Yes, I will participate. I know I shouldn't tell. But I'm so thrilled. I need deadlines to do a good job. I know I can be skilled on short notice and with lack of time, but it is not very often I've been in that situation. This is just a great way of testing my limits and skills without risking a project.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wow, it's amazing

Right now I am working on five different scripts - four shorts and one feature - all connected to a director.

All of them has not their finances quite in place and it is not certain that it will be five films, but still, it is quite a wow-feeling inside me when I realised what had happened the last two, three months. Lets hope I live up to it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The invisible art of punctuation

For me writing is more than just the right choice of words. It is also a matter of how it is expressed, or “said” if you like, with punctuation. The use of dots and commas and colon is supposed to shape the sentence and give it life. To help you hear the text in your mind. Exactly as I intended it, of course.

A punctuation classic is “woman without her man is nothing”. Depending on your mood, or perhaps, rather your sex, you will likely do this: “Woman without her man, is nothing” or this: “Woman: without her, man is nothing”.

So, yes, where you put your commas matter. It is part of the expression and a vital art to your writing. For a screenwriter it is convenient to be able to add a “!” at the end of a line of dialog instead of stating the questionable “(yelling)” or even worse “(angry)” over it. Or a “…” to indicate doubt, though it is easy to… overdo it by… adding… too much… of it making it… unreadable… and direct too… much.

Now, here comes the funny thing: I thought that by adding these… things, these punctuation marks exactly where I wanted them, creating the pauses, at the precise moments where I wanted them, I thought I was adding a perfectly readable subtext for anyone reading it. Every writer know that the written language is full of limitations when it comes to expressing subtext as emotions. A “Yes, I know” could mean almost anything, really. Hence the use of :-) and such; which you of course cannot add in serious literature of any kind. Well, anyhow, I thought that those subtle “…” were completely understandable as a doubt; a hesitation for whatever reason. I thought even more so when it comes to texting, SMS-ing, chatting, those quick written conversations often clogged with yellow circles with different faces instead of actual words. To my surprise I got replies indicating that I could just as much have written “woman without her man is nothing” and leaving the interpretation to the other half of the conversation, because no matter how artful my punctuation was it was wasted here. (No, don’t worry, this person knows about this story, so this is not you.)

The person, who so easily missed my “…”, is a lover of stories and reads a lot. It is not a matter of lack of education, reading habits or brains.

I love music, but when it comes to anything but fundamental listening, I need a guidebook. Howard Shore told in a documentary about the music to the Lord of the Rings how he had used different types of flutes for the “Shire”-theme in the beginning and the end to express the change and growth. That was a detail that was wasted on me. I did only hear the difference when I played them after each other. My love for music is not less. My right to love music, no matter how little I know about what I’m hearing, stays the same.

The world is probably full of readers who don’t get my meaning of this! They still have the right to read and interpreter my texts. And I have no right to blame them if they don’t get it as I intended. I can only write the best I can, hoping that my writing gets through. Maybe the text doesn’t hit the chord I intended – most likely it doesn’t – but hopefully it hits some strings and finds any chord. Maybe the lovely art of punctuation and the knowledge of where to place a comma to find a pause in the right spot are wasted on most of the readers. But - and this is important, I think - is that even if it is so; even if only one in a million gets the point and sees the beauty; or the errors in your use, you should always write the best you can. Don’t do any less, ever.

It is the love of words that makes you a writer, not the love of the readers. In every art there is always something vital invisible to most beholders, something only visible in its absence.

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